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Beetles exist throughout the entire United States, outside and feed on many types of plants. During the summer months, when beetles are most active, they will try to get into homes through windows, cracks, and open doors. Carpet beetles can fly so it is even easier for them to get inside. It is not known why they seem ready to get into our homes, but it is suspected there are certain scents or odors which lure them. Like the common house fly, carpet beetles seem to know when doors or windows are open. Adult beetles, which have fed during the summer months, mate and females will spend their time laying their beetle eggs. There are several variations such as dung beetles, ground beetles, drugstore beetles, hairy fungus beetles, cigarette beetles, black carpet beetles, furniture carpet beetles, black beetles, and many more. Parsons beetle control products to kill beetles and solve your beetle problem including killing beetle eggs!
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Pro-Pest Moth & Beetle Traps
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Pro-Pest Moth & Beetle Traps
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