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Orange Oil Erath, Natures Guide Medina

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Item Number: 260
Manufacturer: Natures Guide
Manufacturer Part No: 260

Citrus King Orange,Orange Oil Erath, Natures Guide Medina oil

Versatile, Safe, De-greases, Cleans, and Smells Great Doing It!!!

Orange Oil Erath, Natures Guide Medina Degreasers & d-Limonene from , proudly distributed by Parsons Pest Control, are highly effective, biodegradable solvents and degreasers, occurring in nature as the main component of the citrus peel oil. Due to its attractive citrus odor, versatility and GRAS rating ("Generally Recognized As Safe") from the US FDA, Citrus King can be used safely and effectively in a wide range of products for an incredible number of applications.

It's a deodorizer too!


Window Cleaner

Counters – Kitchen & Bathroom


Sinks – Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathtubs, Showers & Toilets

Carpets – General Carpet Cleaner

Jewelry Cleaner

Stove Tops

Exhaust Hoods


Tape Residue Remover

Carpets – Pre-Wash Spotter

Driveway Oil Spots


Grease Traps – Cleaning & Maintenance

Hand Cleaners

Graffiti Removal

Bubble Gum Removal

Floor Wax Stripper

Air Freshener

One Gallon too much for you? Call or Email us for 32 ounce pricing TODAY!!!

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