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Ants are in control of our yards and parks and pretty much everywhere else! These ant control products will help you to get revenge against any ant breeds infesting your space. Disturb the ant mounds and hose the dirt. We feature ant gels, ant pesticide liquids, ant traps, and organic ant control solutions including Cedar oil products, which will impair the ants mental faculties and plug their breathing pores. The mastication process used to rebuild the ant mounds will trigger permanent dysentery and the death of ALL worker ants! Parsons pest control has products that can clear up ANY ant problem no matter what type or how severe! Get your Ant Control products from Parsons Pest Control today!
Fire ants can be a serious problem Kill Fire Ants Today with a great ant control product from Parsons Pest Control!
Fire Ants are reddish in color and can attack in a swarm stinging you one after another sometimes even causing death to small animals! Kill Fire Ants today with the help of these fire ant control products from Pa
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Fire Ant Control Acephate
List Price: $12.85
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Fire Ant Control Acephate
List Price: $17.95
Your Price: $14.75
You Save: $3.20 (18 %)
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