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Azinphos (Guthion Alternative!)

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Azinphos (Guthion Alternative!) works quick and is available to licensed professionals today!
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Item Number: 1182
Manufacturer: Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO),
Manufacturer Part No: 1182

Azinphos (Guthion Alternative!)

Azinphos methyl is a highly persistent, broad spectrum insecticide that also works as an acaricide, toxic to mites and ticks, AND a molluscicide, poisonous to snails and slugs! It is one of a group of organic compounds called organophosphates because of the presence of phosphorous in their molecular structures.

Azinphos is a non-systemic material, meaning that it is not transported from one plant part to another. It is used primarily as a foliar application against leaf-feeding insects. It works as both a contact insecticide and a stomach poison. Contact poisons are effec tive upon contact with any part of the target organism. Stomach poisons become toxic when they are eaten by an insect

Azinphos methyl is registered for use in the control of many insect pests on a wide variety of fruit, vegetable, nut, and field crops, as well as on ornamentals, tobacco, and forest and shade trees. Outside of the U.S., azinphos methyl is used in lowland rice production On 1986, approximately three million pounds of this active ingredient were used against more than 200 pests on about 50 different sites (Azinphos methyl is available in emulsifiable liquid, liquid flowable, ULV liquid, and wet table powder formulations so it will be perfect for ANY need you face!

Azinphos is sold in 5 pound bags!

This product requires an application license for purchase and so has been moved to our PROFESSIONAL-ONLY store. Also due to its haz-mat status it must be shipped seperately which will require an additional shipping fee. Please click here to go to our Professional Pest Control Store and log in to purchase this product.

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