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Centrobulb D With 12 Inch Extension

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Item Number: 19
Manufacturer: Central Rubber Equipment
Manufacturer Part No: 19

Centrobulb with 12 Inch Extension

The centro bulb duster works great for dusting low, easy to reach areas using the attatched small tip, OR for high, hard to reach areas, the 12" extension will work great. This duster holds 14 oz any of your favorite pesticide dusts. Centrobulb works particularly well when applying small amounts of dust in cracks or crevices. The pesticide dusts that will provide the best results are:
  • Borid
  • Timbor
  • Drione
  • Deltamethrin
  • Nibor
  • And others...
Also, this excellent duster will be sure to endure many years of use providing extra value.

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