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Contrac Rodent Pellet Place Packs bait

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Contrac Pellet Rodent bait is shown both as a bulk pail and in packet form these brodifacoum pellets are very effective in baiting rodents

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Your Price: $111.51
Manufacturer: Bell Labs
Manufacturer Part No: 162

Contrac Pellet Rodent bait

Contrac mouse and rat bait is a pelleted, single feeding, anticoagulant rodent bait. This strong bait uses the active ingredient, Bromadiolone, to control Warfarin-resistant rats. You can find Contrac in several forms such as loose or pack type pelleted or blox style bait. Bell's pelleted bait is manufactured from an advanced formula that produces a fresh tasting, highly compressed pellet, known for it's outstanding palatability and a long shelf life. Pellets hold up well in poor conditions such as very moist areas, making them preferred in those type of conditions. The hardness of the pellet will cure the rodent's yearning to gnaw. Rodents, however, tend to move pellets around rather than eating them at first site as with other baits so this has been a concern. Pelleted rodent bait is packaged in bulk pails and in polyglassine place pacs of various sizes that keep bait fresh and free from contaminating odors. Rodents smell the bait inside and then open the place pacs with their gnawing. The slender contrac place pacs can be used in bait stations, along rodent runways, and in hard-to-reach locations. Place Packs can be opened also and loose pellets poured down burrows. Contrac place packs are even easier to use, all you do is place the pack in the spot you want to treat and the rodents will take it from there!

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