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Flea Stoppers

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Flea Stoppers are shown in its jar packaging
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Manufacturer: FMC Corporation
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Flea Stoppers granular carpet powder works by dehydrating and killing fleas in two stages of the life cycle. Flea larvae, which hatch from the flea eggs, ingest the flea stoppers and because it is a dessicant (leading to dehydration), it causes them to become constipated Because there is not enough moisture to move their bowels. Because of this, they get poisoned by their own wastes and die, never even developing into the adult flea. The adult flea also gets killed by the dehydrating action of Flea Stoppers. Just as a fish breathes by taking water across the gill membrane to extract oxygen, fleas extract the oxygen from moisture that is taken in through tiny holes along the side of the body called spiracles. The granule abrades (breaks down) the exoskeleton, preventing the flea from getting any moisture or oxygen. The resulting dehydration and lack of oxygen will kill the adult flea in 3-5 days. Flea Stoppers works so well because NO living thing can live without water or oxygen!

Price shown for 2.5 Lb Jar

1 Lb. Of Flea Stoppers will cover 400 sq. ft., one can covers 1000!!

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