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Glyfos Aquatic Herbicide (Glyphosphate 5.4-53.8% Glosphate(No surfactant)

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Glyfos Aquatic Herbicide
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Item Number: 167
Manufacturer: Alligare
Manufacturer Part No: 167

Glyfos Aquatic

Glyfos Aquatic is an herbicide for aquatic plant life that uses glyphosate for efficiently controlling water weeds in a friendlier way! Note that Surfactants should not and may NOT be added to this excellent aquatic herbicide. Because of this, you can rely on Glyfos to efficiently control weeds that grow in the water while keeping other aquatic life completely safe from harm!

Glyfos Aquatic is a broad spectrum, non-selective, post-emergent herbicide containing glyphosate You should use this in aquatic areas like irrigation canals. When applied to actively growing, partially or fully emerged plants prior to seed head formation, Glyfos Aquatic will effectively control your problem of broad spectrum herbaceous and woody plants!

Glyfos Aquatic is one of the few herbicides available for use in highly sensitive, protected areas like habitat restoration sites as well as protected wetlands. It can also be used in non-crop aquatic places including golf courses, parks, retention ponds, and wastewater treatment facilities.

Although Glyphosate itself stays gentle to aquatic organisms, surfactants can make the traditional formulas harmful to them. Glyfos Aquatic does not contain any surfactants and is therefore not harmful to aquatic life. Surfactants should not and may not be added to Glyfos Aquatic Herbicide

NOTE: This Product : Glyphosphate 5.4-53.8% Glosphate(no surfactant)has a separate label and is compatable with Glyfos Aquatic Herbicide. Please read this products label before application , you will need to add a surfactant see Duo Stick Select Link:

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1 gallon

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