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Gramoxone Inteon Herbicide

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Gramoxone Inteon provides weed control on contact. Whether you are looking to kill ragweed or some other kinds of weed Gramoxone is the answer!


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Item Number: 1155
Manufacturer: Syng'enta
Manufacturer Part No: 1155

Gramoxone Inteon

Gramoxone Inteon herbicide provides fast burndown control of most annual grasses and broadleaf weeds on a variety of crops. For more than 40 years generations have relied on this fast-acting herbicide for consistent results. As glyphosate weed resistance concerns have grown over the years, by alternating modes of action through the use of Gramoxone Inteon, growers receive the benefits of effective weed control while preserving the efficacy of glyphosate and the benefits of GT trait technology.

Gramoxone Inteon provides broad-spectrum control on difficult-to-control weeds, including those that glyphosate can leave behind. Ideal for burndown, floor management in perennial crops and as a harvest aid, this contact herbicide controls annual and perennial weeds. In field tests,Gramoxone Inteon provided control equal to that of Gramoxone Max when evaluating the weed control of 25 species, including horseweed, common ragweed and lambsquarter.

Gramoxone Features:

  • Fast, effective results
  • Broad-spectrum control and proven efficacy on difficult-to-control weeds
  • Ideal burndown tool
  • Rainfast upon drying
  • Effective even in cool, wet weather applications

Furthermore, Gramoxone Inteon is an effective tool for glyphosate weed resistance management. By offering a completely different mode of action, Gramoxone Inteon helps preserve glyphosate technology for future use. A burndown with Gramoxone allows growers to save their glyphosate applications for in-crop use where they fit best.

Gramoxone Inteon tank mixed with other herbicides will control glyphosate-resistant horseweed and most other winter annuals. In Tennessee, annual blue grass (Poa annua) can be a real problem as few herbicides will readily control it before planting. It provides very effective control of this troublesome winter annual weed.It also makes a very good early season burndown herbicide as it still works when temperatures are cold. This is not the case for some other burndown herbicides.

The Advantage Of Gramoxone
  • A natural-based shielding agent
  • Less offensive odor alert
  • More convenient use rates

This product requires an application license for purchase and so has been moved to our PROFESSIONAL-ONLY store. Also due to its haz-mat status it must be shipped seperately which will require an additional shipping fee. Please click here to go to our Professional Pest Control Store and log in to purchase this product.

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