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Indian Meal-Moth Kits

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Indian Meal-Moth Kits
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Item Number: 1466
Manufacturer: Insects Limited Inc
Manufacturer Part No: 1466

Indian Meal-Moth Kits

An effective non-chemical trap used to capture and control grain infesting moths. Trapping provides an effective means for detecting Indian meal moths before existing infestations become large. This kit contains a hanging glue trap which captures male moths & a pheromone scent attractant cone to lure them into the trap.

Designed for spot control of the Indian Meal Moths, Fleas, Cockroaches, Spiders and much more. Allows you to spot areas with heavy infestations or insect activity. Good knock down treatment, with little or no residual control. When large areas are infested a total release product is recommended.

WHERE TO USE IT: Inside or outside. Can be sprayed over plants, ground cover, furniture, decks, patios, pool areas and basically anywhere you have unwanted insect activity.

10 NoSurvivor Traps and 10 pheromone Bullet Lures for Indianmeal Moth (Plodia interpunctella) and Mediterranean Flour Moth (Ephestia kuehniella).

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