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Altosid XR Briquets (Ingot-Shaped)

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Altosid Ingot-Shaped XR Briquet come in a case of 220 mosquito larvicide briquets that will last up to 150 days and fit easily into any storm drain or sewer!
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Item Number: 173
Manufacturer: Wellmark Intrenational
Manufacturer Part No: 173
Altosid XR Briquets Places that need the most help are usually the hardest and most undesirable to treat. Because thats what we're all used to, you are gonna LOVE Altosid's new Ingot shaped XR Briquets! One application of this great mosquito larvicide briquet and you could be mosquito free for up to 150 beautiful, mosquito-less days! Like ALTOSID 30-Day Briquets, XR Briquets require no expensive application equipment, and can be used for pre-treatment before the wet season. That means you can treat hard-to-access or outlying areas more easily, eliminating the additional costs for travel and from treating over and over again. Altosid XR Briquets are made in an "ingot" shape for easier application. This "ingot" shape (3 1/8" L x 1" H x 1 1/8" W) is narrower and longer than the competitors "cork" shape, which means these briquets can fit through virtually any storm drain or sewer without even having to lift the grate! Now, Altosid XR Briquets make application easier and still deliver season-long control of mosquito larvae for up to 150 days!

Comes in a case of  ingot shaped briquets

AND, Altosid Mosquito Briquets uses methoprene making this another one of our popular green pest control products!

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