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Isopthor Wood Blocks For Advance

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Isopthor Wood Blocks

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Isopthor Wood Blocks For Advance

Isopthor is intended for use in an ongoing program of management and control of subterranean termite colonies around and under any type of building or other object (structure). Isopthor does not exclude termites from a structure. Instead, it suppresses or eliminates termite colonies. Isopthor affects termite colonies only if they consume it. Sufficient consumption of Isopthor by all subterranean termite colonies that present an existing or potential hazard to the structure may, subject to the limitations stated herein, protect the structure against subterranean termite attack.

The active ingredient in Isopthor, diflubenzuron, is an insect development inhibitor. When consumed by a termite, diflubenzuron impairs the ability of a termite to molt. Molting is the process by which termites, at certain points in their development, shed their existing exoskeleton and form a replacement exoskeleton. Termites that attempt to molt after ingesting an amount of Isopthor sufficient to impair their molting process either die or are incapacitated by their inability to complete the molting process. Insect development inhibitors such as diflubenzuron are characterized as slow acting toxicants, however their action is slow only to the extent that they affect a termite only at the points in its life cycle when it molts. Because all the termites in a colony do not molt at the same time, the effect of diflubenzuron on the colony as a whole is progressive. This progressive effect is one of the key attributes of diflubenzuron as a termite colony toxicant.

Sufficient consumption of Isopthor by a termite colony can cause a decline in the number of members of the colony. Such a decline, if sustained by continued consumption of Isopthor by the colony, can significantly impair the vitality of the colony. Further, continued consumption of Isopthor by remaining colony members may ultimately result in the total elimination of the colony.

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