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Kocide 3000

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Kocide 3000 is a powerful bacteriacide and fungicide from the folks at Dupont

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Manufacturer: Dupont
Manufacturer Part No: 1278

Kocide 3000

DuPont Kocide 3000 contains 46.1% copper hydroxide (copper equivalent 30%). This is a finer grit of cupric hydroxide than Kocide 2000. There are many advantages to this newer product. It is used at rates equal to 50-60% of Kocide 2000, meaning less metallic copper is applied to the environment, while achieving even better disease control. It has better dispersion meaning the DF formulation mixes instantly in water for optimum dispersion. It stays in suspension longer and has low foaming characteristics. Kocide 3000 is even safer and easier to use.

DuPont Kocide 3000 provides superior disease control in citrus and vegetable crops through its high level of active copper, providing for a more marketable crop at harvest. It is most commonly used on fruits and vegetables for mildews, leaf spots, and bacterial diseases. *Note on some varieties of roses a discoloration may occur on foliage or blooms.Common Rose Diseases Controlled, Suppressed or Prevented by DuPont Kocide 3000 are Powdery Mildew & Black Spot

One level tablespoon per 1,000 sq. ft. of DuPont Kocide 3000 should be applied, mixed in adequate water for thorough coverage of plant parts. Less metallic copper is applied per acre which improves worker safety. The finer grind allows for better dispersal and lower use rate per acre. Increased bioactivity, excellent dispersion, and long residual all add up to make Kocide 3000 the best copper fungicide your money can buy.

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