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Maki Rat & Mouse Killer Pellet Packs

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Maki Rat & Mouse Killer Pellet Packs


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Item Number: 228
Manufacturer: Liphatech
Manufacturer Part No: 228

Maki Rat & Mouse Killer Pellet Packs

Maki Rat & Mouse Killer Pellet Packs use one of the world's most advanced single-feeding anticoagulants known as Bromadiolone. Bait shyness is not even a small concern with Maki Bromadiolone products because a single, small dose is almost always enough to be lethal, leaving your rodents dead around 3-5 days after treatment. Maki place packs are extremely effective against Norway (including Warfarin resistant), roof rats and house mice. This rodenticide can be used in and around residential and commercial buildings. Maki rodent products are USDA approved for use in federally inspected food plants. The labeled packs of 1.5 ounces Maki pellets have the advantage in areas where regular access is difficult. AND The active ingredient - Bromadiolone - is much less hazardous to non-target animals like your pets than the alternatives that use Brodifacoum.

Maki bait packs come in a case of 175 packs.

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