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Microbe Max Volumetric Drain Foam

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Microbe Max Volumetric Drain Foam is shown in a 20oz aerosol foaming can This drain cleaner is high powered and new from the CB company

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Your Price: Discontinued
Manufacturer: Waterbury Co Inc
Manufacturer Part No: 933

MicrobeMax Volumetric Drain Foam

This non-genetically engineered, bacterial foam is designed to eliminate fat, oil, grease, scum buildup, and odor all while leaving behind a clean scent. You can apply this foaming bacterial productinto:
  • floor, bar sink, beer tap, ice machine, soda fountain, and trough drains
  • tough cracks
  • crevices
  • on/under surfaces
  • And any other area food, moisture, and other organic material build up!
This foaming drain cleaner will eliminate drain flies, fruit flies & other insects that breed in your drains, while eliminating FOG and other organic material using bioremediation! Prevent drain clogging! One convenient and easy application of this 17oz can will deliver up to 7 gallons of finished drain cleaner! Does not have to be mixed or diluted with anything! The unique valve on this can allows use at multiple angles so can be applied to more locations and cover more area! Not intended for use directly on food preparation or service counters. Just spray on and leave undisturbed for 30 minutes!

Comes in a tall 17oz Aerosol can

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