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Mold Ram Mold Protection ( no longer availabel)

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Mold Ram is shown this powerful fluid can stop mold in its tracks
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Item Number: 246
Manufacturer: Sostran
Manufacturer Part No: 246

Mold Ram( We no longer carry this it is not available product.  For mold treatment and prevention you should use Bora-Care with Mold-Care.)


MOLD-RAM is a product offering exceptional, long-term prevention of surface mold and mildew and it's even EPA-registered. It is made with chlorothaloniland, to stop the growth of mold, can safely be applied to:
  • wood
  • wallboard
  • concrete
  • and masonry (cinder) block construction materials
Surface mold and mildew prevention with MOLD-RAM is easy to apply either during construction or to existing structures. See label for directions. Mold prevention is extremely important due to building codes, lifestyle patterns of some people, publicity of mold problems and health concerns due to poor air quality. Statistics show th mass majority of people spend 90% of their life indoors, shouldn't that time be spent staying as healthy as possible? Whether you are a mold specialist, pest management professional, builder or homeowner, the time is right for MOLD-RAM.

Sold in a 1 Quart - 32oz bottle

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