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Natures Defender CleanSeal EP - Mold & Toxin Neutralizer

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Nature's Defender CleanSeal EP
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Item Number: 3532
Manufacturer: Clean Seal
Manufacturer Part No: 3532

Natures Defender cleanSeal EP

Natures Defender CleanSeal is a non-toxic, aqueous, hydrophobic, proprietary polymer compound that permanently seals in living microbes on multiple surfaces.
Natures Defender CleanSeal is the only totally green treatment that permanently neutralizes toxic mold, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and 2nd hand smoke carcinogens where they live in your home and workplace.
This permanent, transparent, capsulate neutralizes the problem by suspending growth and trapping all organisms and their hazardous cytoskeleton under the cured film.
Natures Defender CleanSeal can be used as both a preventative and post treatment solution for microbial infestation. As a preventative measure, apply the sealant during the construction or restoration phase of a building project, which creates a barrier that makes it impossible for microbe's to bond and multiply on the surface.
As a post inestation treatment, apply Natures Defender CleanSeal over infected exposed areas to immobilize microbes safely under the one-way breathable compound sealant that alows moisture to escape while trapping all organisms permanently.
Applicable Surfaces: Painted and unpainted interior walls, stone, brick, concrete, metal, raw wood, drywall
Where To Apply: Interior walls, crawlspaces, basements, attics, under flooring & carpeting, behind walls
1 Gallon covers, 700 Square Feet. ?

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