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Natures Defender Head Lice Solution 32 oz.

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Natures Defender Head Lice Solution comes in a 32 oz. bottle
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Item Number: 419
Manufacturer: Cedar Oil Industries
Manufacturer Part No: 419

Natures Defender Head Lice Eradication Fluid

Formulated from Texas Red Cedar Oil and Silane Fluids (melted quartz rock)

Contact with this dynamic HEAD LICE FLUID kills Lice instantly. When Natures Defender is absorbed by the hair the solution will immediately dissolve the louse nit glue from the inside of the hair structure resulting in rapid release and death to the nit. Natures Defender Head Lice Solution will not burn the scalp or damage the hair like with chemicals or other natural products. The Silane fluids used in this formula will actually stimulate your hair's condition giving an attractive luster, all while leaving behind a pleasant cedar aroma. Safe for children and adults of all ages. Packaged in a 32 Ounce/Quart spray bottle, this is enough solution to treat several children or even the largest head of hair. Use the remaining fluid to treat your sleeping areas or other places lice may be hiding.


  1. Liberally spray and soak hair with BEST YET solution.
  2. Place a non porous shower or swim cap on infested head for AT LEAST 2 hours. Using this fluid Overnight or for longer durations will enhance results.
  3. Remove cap and shampoo hair.
  4. Use a nit comb to remove all, if any, remaining nits.
  5. Additional spray treatment with BEST YET for several days will stimulate and enhance your hair's condition and eliminate any chance of lice reoccurrence.
Avoid contact with eyes.
DO NOT DILLUTE (Already diluted to perfect levels and ready to use on any lice problem)

10% Cedar Oil
90% Silane Fluid

Note: For full room treatments we suggest you consider the #p-4000 (Indoor Kit) or #p-4001 (indoor/outdoor Kit) which includes area sprayers designed to provide a complete and even distribution of the solution to all surfaces. See below for a link to these great kits!

All Cedarcide / Nature's Defender products are classified as green pest control products!

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