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Natures Defender Insect Repellent Spray (I.R.S)

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Natures Defender Indoor / Outdoor Insect Control and Mildew Retardant

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Manufacturer: Cedar Oil Industries
Manufacturer Part No: 531

Natures Defender I.R.S.

Indoor / Outdoor Insect Control and Mildew Retardant.

Natures Defender Insect Repellent Spray has a pleasant cedar aroma makes bugs stay away. It will kill and repel A LOT of insects, from Mosquitos to Silverfish.

Very effective on Fleas and Scorpions. It's a Chemical Free, organic pest control solution -- no need to wear gloves or a mask. Spray on screens, carpet or anywhere the pests are residing.

Spray in cracks, crevices where insects reside and lay thier eggs. Dries invisible and grease free. Disolves insect egg and larve. Spray in the cupboards, along baseboards and on window or door sills.

Apply with a trigger or compression type garden sprayer. Will not stain carpet or furniture. Formulated with PCO Choice concentrate that is used by Pest Control Operators Worldwide.

Use it as a refill for your trigger or pump up sprayer or Cold Fogger Machine. Can be diluted 3:1 if desired or use it full strength for longer lasting results. Natures Defender IRS has no effect on Beneficial Insects such as Lady Bugs and Butterflies.

Solve your pest problems with this product from Parsons pest control today!

Comes in 3 Sizes: GALLON, 32oz, or 16oz bottles.

3% Cedar Oil
97% Ethyl Lactate
All  Nature's Defender products are classified as green pest control products!

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MSDS nocdown3msds1 (contact parsonsinfo@parsonspestcontrol for copy of MSDS )
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Pamela Spence (Stillwater,OK) 7/18/2010 3:43 PM
We used the best yet personal inscest repellant during a mission trip to Belize. I was afraid to take my seven year old daughter to the jungles of Belize because mosquitos love her. Every testimony I read about people visiting Belize warned about mosquitos and sand fleas causing illnesses and infection or causing scarring of the skin. People said they had tried everything from skin so soft to highly concentrated forms of deet and were still bitten. I didn't want to drench my child in chemical. The first time we went without our children and I used best yet and didn't receive one bite so the next time we took our three children and best yet worked great we were in rural areas near jungles and no mosquitos bites. We were also on the beaches and were not bothered by sandfleas. We were there in March the first trip and early June the second. Sandfleas are reported to be a major problem for tourist during the months of June through August and mosquitos through out the year with the worst times being from June through December or so.We will go again but I wouldn't consider going without cedarcides best yet personal repellant. Pamela Spence
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