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Natures Guide Spray Bottle

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Natures Guide Spray Bottle
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Item Number: 1473
Manufacturer: Natures Guide
Manufacturer Part No: 1473

Natures Guide Spray Bottle

Natures Guide Spray Bottle contains beneficial nematodes which have been cultured to seek, hunt, and destroy fleas, flies, fire ants, white grubs, and other soil borne pests. The sprayer won't harm beneficial insects. Research has shown ANTidote to be the natural predator of beet army worms, cabbage maggots, fruit flies, humpbacked flies, onion maggots, plant parasitic nematodes, raspberry crown borers, shore flies, tobacco cutworms, black cut worms, cucumber beetles, fungus gnats, and leaf miners,

Natures Guide Spray Bottle can get into lawns and gardens. Ant mounds sprout up most noticeably after a heavy rain and can be surprisingly large seemingly created overnight. There are numerous ant killers and sprayers for lawns and several methods to eradicate ants.

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