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Optigard Flex Liquid Insecticide

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Optigard Flex Liquid is shown in its 8oz bottle. Optigard Flex insecticide is non repellent and will control a long list of bugs including ants, drywood termites, beetles and more through both contact AND ingestion!

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Manufacturer: Syng'enta
Manufacturer Part No: 951

Optigard Flex Liquid Insecticide

Optigard Flex Insecticide goes above and beyond, treating everywhere pests are found, indoors AND out. Optigard works well as a spot treatment, outdoor perimeter spray, and it can be injected into walls for foam treatments. This nonrepellant insecticide controls a broad variety of pests including cockroaches, ants (except for pharaoh and carpenter ants), drywood termites and more both through ingestion AND through contact! Optigard Flex is even useful in systemic treatments because landscape ornamentals will absorb the insecticide effectively controlling honeydew-producing insects like no other nonrepellent ever could!

Optigard Flex is Sold in a 8oz Bottle

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