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Talpirid Mole Killer

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TALPIRID MOLE KILLER is shown in its gold and brown colored packaging box
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Item Number: 283
Manufacturer: Bell Labs
Manufacturer Part No: 283

Talpirid Mole Killer

Talpirid, developed by Bell Laboratories, Inc., is the first and only mole bait designed, developed and scientifically proven to kill moles. Until the introduction of Talpirid, mole control programs were relatively ineffective. A lack of scientific data on mole behavior, biology and physiology and, consequently, a shortage of legitimate products, seriously hampered attempts to control moles. All that changed with Talpirid. Culminating years of groundbreaking research by the world leader in rodent control technology, Bell Laboratories now provides the industry with the only product on the market proven to kill moles - Talpirid. Talpirid is Proven Effective Talpirid's active ingredient capitalizes on a mole's physiology. In both field and laboratory tests, Talpirid achieved outstanding acceptance and control. One worm contains a lethal dose and can kill in 24 hours. Mimics Talpirid a Mole's Natural Food Source Talpirid's size, shape and feel let moles consume the bait in the same manner as its primary food source, the earthworm. Special enhancers ensure immediate attraction and excellent product acceptance. Talpirid is Ready-To-Use Talpirid comes in a convenient tray of 10 worms which release freely from the tray, ready for immediate placement. Trays are individually sealed in a bag for ultimate freshness and maximum shelf life.

Each box of Talpirid contains two trays, enough for two typical treatments (20 worms - 2 trays of 10 worms).

Talpirid CAN NOT BE SENT TO North Carolina, Alaska or Hawaii

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