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Tempo Ultra WP

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TEMPO ULTRA WP is shown in its 420 GRAM JAR
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Item Number: 288
Manufacturer: Bayer
Manufacturer Part No: 288

Tempo Ultra WP

Tempo Ultra WP is made with a Synthetic Pyrethroid providing Quick knockdown & residual control of a wide range of pests. Low odor makes this pesticide more accepted by target pests. A rate of 0.025% - 10 gm (2 Scoops) / gallon of water OR 0.05% - 20 gm (4 scoops) / gallon of water should be used.

One jar makes 21 - 42 gallons indoors or will cover 42,000sqft. outdoors Labeled for use in food / feed areas Turf AND ornamental

Tempo Ultra WP defeats a wide variety of pests including: Ambrosia Beetles, All Ants(except Pharaoh Ants), Bed Bugs, Bees, Boxelder Bugs, Cadelles, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Chiggers, Chinch Bugs, Cigarette Beetles, Clothes Moths, Clover Mites, Cluster Flies, Cockroaches, Confused Flour Beetles, Crickets, Darkling Beetles, Deathwatch Beetles, Dermestids, Drugstore Beetles, Earwigs, Elm Leaf Beetles, False Powderpost Beetles, Fire Ants, Firebrats, EXTERIOR Fleas, Flies, Fruit Flies, Fungus Gnats, Gnats, Granary Weevils, Ground Beetles, Hide Beetles, Hornets, Indian Meal Moths, Larder Beetles, Lesser Grain Borers, Lesser Mealworms, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Merchant Grain Beetles, Midges, Millipedes, Mosquitoes, Moths, Old House Borers, Phorid Flies, Pillbugs, Powderpost Beetles, Red Flour Beetles, Rice Weevils, Sawtoothed Grain Beetles, Scorpions, Silverfish, Sowbugs, Spiders, ABOVE GROUND Termites, EXTERIOR Ticks, Warehouse Beetles, Wasps and Yellow Jackets!

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